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Things Fall Apart Achebe C Pre 2004
Half of a Yellow Sun Adichie N 2008
Brick Lane, M  Ali M 2004
Lucky Jim Amis K Pre 2004
The Old Devils Amis K 2007
Money Amis M Pre 2004
The Handmaid's Tale Atwood M 2004
The Pages Bail M 2009
Master Georgie Bainbridge B 2012
The Small Back Room Balchin N 2011
Steep Approach to Garbadale Banks I 2008
The Sea Banville J 2011
The Untouchable Banville J 2006
Border Crossing Barker P 2011
Regeneration Barker P 2004
Arthur and George Barnes J 2006
The Sense of an Ending Barnes J 2012
Long Long Way Barry S 2010
The Secret Scripture Barry S 2010
Waiting for Godot Beckett S 2011
Anna of the Five Towns Bennett A 2012
The Lady in the Van Bennett A 2005
The Old Wives' Tale Bennett A Pre 2004
The Uncommon Reader Bennett A 2011
Brazzaville Beach Boyd W Pre 2004
Restless Boyd W 2007
The Soldier's Return Bragg M Pre 2004
The Second Inheritance Bragg, Melvyn 2015
The Crying Game Braine, J 2014
The Aftermath Brook, Rhidian 2015
March Brooks G 2007
Year of Wonders Brooks G 2011
The Master and Margarita Bulgakov M Pre 2004
The Plague, Camus A 2004
Theft Carey P 2007
A Month in the Country Carr J L 2010
Other People's Money Cartwright J 2013
In Every Face I Meet Cartwright Justin 2015
Heartland Cartwright, A 2016
My Antonia Cather Willa 2015
The Big Sleep Chandler R 2009
The Other Hand Cleave C 2009
Disgrace Coetzee J 2004
The Fifth Witness Connelly M 2012
Heart of Darkness Conrad J 2006
The Secret Agent Conrad J 2009
Under Western Skies Conrad J 2012
Harvest Crace Jim 2015
Arcadia Crace, J 2016
Point of Return Deb S 2012
Adventures of Moll Flanders Defoe, D 2014
The Inheritance of Loss Desai K 2008
A Christmas Carol Dickens C 2012
Bleak House Dickens C Pre 2004
Hard Times Dickens C 2008
Martin Chuzzlewit Dickens C 2012
Our Mutual Friend Dickens C 2013
Tale of Two Cities Dickens C 2011
The Ginger Man Donleavy, J P 2014
The Lie Dunmore Helen 2015
Your Blue Eyed Boy Dunmore Helen 2015
The Gathering Enright Anne 2015
Birdsong Faulks S Pre 2004
Joseph Andrews Fielding, Henry 2015
Tender is the Night Fitzgerald F S 2006
The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald F S 2004
The Good Soldier Ford F M 2012
Howards End Forster E 2005
Broken Fossum K 2011
The Quickening Mze Foulds A 2010
Homeland Francis C 2012
Skios Frayn M 2013
Spies Frayn M 2004
Peerless Flats Freud, E 2014
Tsotsi Fugard A 2007
Cellist of Sarajevo Galloway S 2009
Old Filth Gardam J 2005
Mary Barton Gaskell Mrs 2005
New Grub Street Gissing G Pre 2004
Close Quarters Golding W 2005
Rites of Passage Golding W Pre 2004
The Spire Golding W Pre 2004
The Vicar of Wakefield Goldsmith O 2013
The Conservationist Gordimer, N 2014
Brighton Rock Green  2010
Our Man in Havana Greene G 2013
The End of the Affair Greene G 2011
The Heart of the Matter Greene G 2008
The Honorary Consul Greene G 2007
The Quiet American Greene G Pre 2004
The Comedians Greene, G 2014
The Power and the Glory Greene, G 2016
Twenty-One Stories Greene, G 2016
The Secret River Grenville K 2007
Snow Falling on Cedars Guterson D Pre 2004
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Haddon M 2004
The Reluctant Fundamentalist Hamid, M 2014
Return of the Native HardyT Pre 2004
The Mayor of Casterbridge HardyT Pre 2004
The Wellbeloved HardyT 2004
Chocolat Harris J Pre 2004
The Ghost  Harris R 2010
The School of Eloquence  Harrison T 2010
The Go-Between Hartley L Pre 2004
Extra Virgin Hawes A 2013
Notes on a Scandal Heller z 2007
For Whom the Bell Tolls Hemingway E 2005
Steppenwolf Hesse H 2010
Skinny Dip Hiassen C 2006
A Clubable Woman Hill Reginald 2015
The Mouse and his Child Hoban, R 2016
The Kite Runner Hosseini K 2005
High Wind in Jamaica Hughes R 2012
The Summer without Men Hustvedt Siri 2015
Brave New World Huxley A 2006
Point Counterpoint Huxley A Pre 2004
Mr Norris Changes Trains Isherwood C 2009
When We Were Orphans Ishiguro K 2007
When we were Orphans Ishiguro K Pre 2004
Coming from Behind Jacobson H 2006
Daisy Miller James H 2009
Mr Pip Jones L 2008
Small Wars Jones S 2011
The Outcast Jones S 2011
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce J Pre 2004
The Dubliners Joyce J 2013
The Poisonwood Bible Kingsolver B Pre 2004
Plain Tales from the Hills Kipling, R 2016
Darkness at Noon Koestler A 2010
The Leopard Lampedusa  T 2005
Mr Phillips Lanchester J 2012
Sons and Lovers Lawrence D 2009
Sons and Lovers Lawrence D Pre 2004
The Deaths Lawson, Mark 2015
A Most Wanted Man Le Carre J 2009
The Constant Gardener Le Carre J 2007
Absolute Friends le Carre, J 2016
To Kill a Mocking Bird Lee H 2004
Grass is Singing Lessing D 2007
Small Island Levy A 2005
The Long Song Levy, A 2016
A Brief History of Tractors in Ukrainian Lewycka M 2006
Moon Tiger Lively, P 2014
The Photograph Lively, P 2016
Changing Places Lodge D 2004
The Orchard of Fire Mackay S 2010
Grace Notes MacLaverty B 2008
Tough Guys Don't Dance Mailer N 2006
The Fixer Malamud B 2004
The Assistant Malamud, B 2016
Remembering Babylon Malouf David 2015
Sidetracked Mankell H 2009
The Holy Sinner Mann T 2013
A Climate of Change Mantel H 2009
The General in His Labyrinth Marquez G  2007
The Life of Pi Martel Y 2004
The Lotus and the Wind Masters J 2011
The Glass Room Mawer S 2013
The Member of the Wedding McCullers, C 2014
Atonement McEwan I Pre 2004
Amongst Women McGahern J 2011
If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things McGregor J 2005
So Many Ways to Begin McGregor J 2011
The Children Act McKewan, I 2016
Black Swan Green Michell D 2007
Cloud Atlas Mitchell D 2005
The Colour of Blood Moore, B. 2016
Beloved Morrison T 2012
Dear Life Munro A 2013
The Sandcastle Murdoch, I 2014
Suite Francaise Nemirovsky I 2007
Girl with the Green Eyes O'Brien, E 2014
Mr Dick or the 10th Book Ohl J 2009
Netherland O'Neill J 2009
Coming up for Air Orwell G Pre 2004
Nineteen Eighty Four Orwell G 2005
Bel Canto Patchett B 2004
The Damned United  Peace D 2010
GB84 Peace David 2015
The Tenderness of Wolves Penny S 2012
Postcards Proulx A 2006
The Shipping News Proulx A Pre 2004
Exit Music Rankin I 2010
The Shepherd's Life Rebanks, J 2016
All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque, E. M. 2014
The Human Stain Roth P 2005
I Married a Communist Roth, P 2014
The God of Small Things Roy A Pre 2004
Catcher in the Rye Salinger J 2010
The Catcher in the Rye Salinger J Pre 2004
The Reader Schlink B 2008
The Grapes of Wrath,  Seinbeck J 2004
Poems on death and deterioration Selected by AW 2014
An Equal Music Seth V 2010
An Equal Music Seth V Pre 2004
Resistance Sheers O 2008
Larry's Party Shields C Pre 2004
We need to talk about Kevin Shiver L 2007
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Sillitoe A 2004
The Ice Road Slovo G 2008
The Accidental Smith A 2010
Gold Mine Smith Wilbur 2015
White Teeth Smith Z Pre 2004
Strangers and Brothers Snow C P 2006
A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich Solzhenitsyn I Pre 2004
Momento Mori Spark M 2012
Saville Storey D 2013
This Sporting Life Storey D 2006
Waterlands Swift G Pre 2004
Last Orders Swift, G 2016
The Pianist Szpilsian W 2012
Angel Taylor, E. 2014
Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living Tiffany C 2013
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Torday P 2008
Frankie & Stankie Trapido B 2007
Music and Silence Tremaine R 2011
The Road Home Tremaine R 2008
Reading Turgenev from Two Lives Trevor W 2008
The Ballroom of Romance Trevor W 2013
The Story of Lucy Gault Trevor W 2006
Spring Torrents Turgenev, I 2016
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain M 2006
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant Tyler, A 2014
Rabbit Run Updike J 2006
Gertrude & Claudius Updike, J 2016
Miss Garnet's Angel Vickers S 2009
The Other Side of You Vickers S 2011
Decline and Fall Waugh E 2013
Scoop Waugh E 2011
The Loved One Waugh E 2008
Darcy's Utopia Weldon, Fay 2015
Ann  Veronica Wells H G Pre 2004
The History of Mr Polly Wells H G 2009
Wheels of Chance Wells, H. G. 2016
The Day of the Locust West Nathaniel 2015
The Bridge Over the San Luis Rey,  Wildler, T 2014
Stoner Williams J 2013
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit Winterson J 2005
Dirt Music,  Winton T 2004
Much Obliged Jeeves  Wodehouse P G 2013
Bonfire of the Vanities Wolfe T Pre 2004
Winter's Bone Woodrell D 2008
Mrs Dalloway Woolf V Pre 2004
To the Lighthouse Woolf V 2008
Beware of Pity Zweig S 2013
The Post Office Girl Zweig S 2012